12 November 2015


German manufacturer of professional AV studio and consumer audio equipment MUTEC will start shipping the MC‑3+ Smart Clock USB on November 20th, 2015. The MC‑3+USB uniquely combines a re-clocking capable master clock with a high-fidelity, two-channel USB interface.

The MC-3+USB’s improvements to the sound quality of connected devices are two-fold: first as an ultra-low jitter clock with industry-leading precision and noise performance, and secondly by aggressively re-clocking incoming digital audio signals. MUTEC’s proprietary 1G-Clock-Technology from the MC-3+ Smart Clock, appreciated by leading mastering engineers around the world, has been significantly optimised using the latest ultra-low noise components carefully sourced by MUTEC’s developers to surpasses noise specifications of esoteric clocks many times the cost. As a result, the MC-3+USB delivers an unmatched level of signal purity, precision, and musicality, which audibly improves the sound quality in the entire studio, at an affordable price.

As MUTEC’s first clock generator with an high-performance, bi-directional two-channel USB interface the device provides the best possible audio signal transfer between DAWs, digital sources and receivers, and the transmission and conversion of DSD/DoP streams. The interface most notably acts as an USB isolator that is galvanically isolated from the rest of the signal processing and therefore eliminates noise interferences from audio workstations. The interface also allows future software updates to be implemented in a convenient and timesaving fashion.

Thanks to innovative features like the signal conversion to five audio output formats, the DSD/DoP-to-PCM conversion, four simultaneous Word Clock outputs, and the capability to lock to ultra-high-precision 1-10 MHz reference clocks, the MC-3+USB makes for a flexible centrepiece for any digital studio.

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