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19 June 2014


The mediaDROID is a stateless player with everything stored internally on a 4GB DDR3 memory chip. The fact it has no hard drive allows for a small size measuring 100mm high, making it suitable for mounting behind screens. The mediaDROID requires a single Ethernet port to the local area network and a power source. Included is a free APK (Android Application) that will allow you to fully remote manage the mediaDROID from any other Android power device. This means that you can use an Android cell phone or tablet to connect over the local WiFi network and use the touch screen on your device as a virtual mouse and keyboard. The mediaDROID runs cooler than its predecessor, its WIFI module is 65% stronger, and it has two USB ports as well as built in Bluetooth. It comes pre-loaded with the latest baked Android 4.2 OS and a Quad Core Cortex A9 processor.



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