Mersive Introduces Solstice Cloud and Solstice Active Learning

Newest products add active learning solution and cloud-based management and analytics portal to Mersive’s product portfolio.


16 April 2020

Mersive Technologies announces the release of Solstice Active Learning and Solstice Cloud. These products expand upon Solstice’s wireless content-sharing platform by providing software-based video routing for multi-screen environments and cloud-based management and analytics for administering global Solstice deployments.

Mersive’s Active Learning solution brings collaboration to the forefront of the classroom experience by providing educators with a flexible software solution for using multi-screen environments for active learning. This approach eliminates the need for expensive hardware and complicated room build-outs while allowing on-staff administrators and teachers to easily design and operate the solution using a drag-and-drop interface on their tablet or laptop. This software-based approach dramatically reduces the cost and complexity for schools that want to move to this learning model.

“It’s well known that the Active Learning approach is fantastic for both students and faculty – it increases engagement, achieves measurable success, and can even create communities of learners that go beyond the classroom,” says Christopher Jaynes, PhD, Mersive CTO and founder. “Active Learning is the culmination of more than a year’s worth of work with our higher education customers. It’s great to finally break down the technical barriers that have limited this type of learning to elite rooms. Given I was an educator for so long, it became a personal mission to help enable this style of learning in a larger number of spaces, and even make it fun to use.”

Solstice Cloud (formerly Kepler) expands beyond analytics to include a full suite of configuration, monitoring, and management capabilities designed for global administration of Solstice deployments. These capabilities maximise administrator efficiency through easy deployment, organisation, monitoring, and updating of Solstice Pods from any location on any device, while analytics provide companies with unprecedented insights on collaboration spaces that can be used to improve the productivity of meeting and learning spaces. 

“Solstice Cloud is yet another example of the leverage created by Mersive’s software-based approach in a traditionally hardware-based market,” says Rob Balgley, CEO. “By developing certain software-based capabilities as web services, Mersive allows its customers to leverage the power of the cloud in terms of scalability, visibility, and connectedness. With Solstice Cloud, customers can not only manage entire deployments from any device, but they can also connect to a growing list of third-party web service integrations, such as calendaring and digital signage, to augment the Solstice-enabled meeting experience.”

Active Learning can now be purchased via annual subscription and evaluated through a free trial on any Gen3 Pods running Solstice 4.5. Solstice Cloud will be available in early April and may be accessed by any Gen2i or Gen3 Pod running Solstice 4.5. Solstice Cloud Management remains free for the life of the Pod while Solstice Cloud Analytics is part of Solstice Subscription, which is free for the first year and must be renewed annually thereafter.

Mersive: www.mersive.com
Australian Distributor: www.midwich.com.au


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