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Modena wireless presentation systems help users stop wasting time and start collaborating. Modena Hub, Hub+ and Server are now shipping from Biamp.


8 October 2020

Modena’s integrated wireless meeting system offers the following key benefits:

  • Start meetings quickly and cable-free
  • Meet anywhere – no additional hardware required
  • No additional software necessary – just use a browser
  • Hygienic meetings thanks to a touchless user experience
  • Wireless access to USB devices with Modena Hub and Hub+
  • All major UC platforms supported

Modena Hub (previously Hub One)

Modena Hub is a wireless presentation hub that supports the new ways in which people are increasingly accustomed to working. Ideal for BYOD and BYOC spaces, Modena Hub allows participants to connect to meeting room AV equipment and USB accessories wirelessly, as well as enabling any participant to wirelessly receive its AV streams during a video conferencing session.

Modena Hub supports most UC software and hardware devices, while enabling the user to wirelessly share content with other meeting participants. Modena Hub also connects to AV peripherals via USB and HDMI, and can support multiple USB devices via a standard USB hub or by connecting a Devio SCR-20 or SCR-25.

  • Enjoy a client-free experience with your web browser.
  • Meet everywhere: With Modena Hub, any place is a meeting room.
  • Enable a display to receive content by connecting a computer running the web or software client, or and Android dongle; or run the Android TV app directly on a smart TV.
  • All personal devices can send and receive presentations directly to the screen of participants’ laptops, tablets, or mobile devices.
  • Configure Modena Hub for large teaching spaces and give everyone a perfect view using Auditorium mode, for up to 150 users.
  • IT administrators have quick access to the configuration of all units installed in an enterprise via a powerful management web interface.

Increasing functionality, the higher-tier Modena Hub+ (previously Hub One+) acts as a standalone WiFi access point.

Modena Server

Modena Server is a multi-room wireless presentation device. It can support up to seven collaboration spaces per device, and delivers screen-sharing, content rebroadcast and multi-cam BYOD conferencing. It enables unparalleled flexibility for organisations, allowing teams to collaborate anywhere, with no fixed technology required. The Server expands the capabilities of the Modena Hub/Hub+.

The Server creates virtual meeting rooms and is a central management tool which supports multiple Modena Hub/Hub+ devices in a corporate environment.

Added features from Hub:

  • Provides wireless screen sharing, content rebroadcast and BYOD multicam conferencing
  • Supports up to 7 virtual meeting areas.
  • Management system for Modena family of products.
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ two-year warranty.

Biamp: www.biamp.com
Australian Distributor: www.jands.c0m.au


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