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MAXHUB’s V6 Series Whiteboard

How the new Whiteboard makes corporate collaboration effortless.


18 November 2022

Remote and hybrid work are a permanent fixture in the business landscape, and top-of-mind for many organisations is how to make collaboration and communication more effective. Fuelling and shaping the new business reality are the myriad tools and technologies now available to help organisations succeed.

Team-collaboration technologies are enabling employees to collaborate, communicate, and connect in innovative ways, and a key tool you’ll want to have in your teamwork arsenal is a top-end digital whiteboard. The capabilities of whiteboard technology play an important role in brainstorming, improved safety, and offering cost benefits as well as improved innovation.

Going well beyond the initial use-case, a digitised whiteboard allows users to easily record, share, and co-create ideas and solutions during meetings. And while the whiteboard should be user-friendly, it should also be advanced enough to support smart annotation and intuitive, natural engagement.

Fine-tuned pressure sensitivity for a natural writing experience, swift synchronisation so that no one feels out of the loop, and multi-person collaboration, are all key features and capabilities that should be included. The Maxhub V6 Series whiteboard offers all of this and more. Here’s some of its standout features.

Activate Your Creativity
Built in across the V6 Classic, ViewPro, and Transcend range is the Maxhub Whiteboard. Increasingly, digital technologies are bringing about organisational change, and the many features, tools, and capabilities of the Maxhub Whiteboard — all available at the click of a button, or from the V6 flat panel’s homepage — can help organisations work better across time and distance.

In a world where personalisation at scale is driving customer loyalty, an interface that is easily customisable to suit user’s needs strikes the right cord. In addition, the background — made to measure with 85° shades of grey — will enhance your writing experience. The whiteboard’s minimalist icon design also ensures a decluttered interface for enhanced visual clarity during presentations.

One of the V6 whiteboard’s most advanced features is the technology supporting writing legibility, speed, accuracy, and document generation. Let’s look at these next.

Write Technology
Diverse organisations need digital tools that offer flexibility in their design to enhance accessibility. This is why we’ve provided various options for your team to easily manipulate and manoeuvre their way across the whiteboard’s many features. Use hands, the stylus, or toolbar functions to make notes, drag or zoom the canvas, or erase annotations. It’s that easy.

Say goodbye to clunky, illegible writing that’s frustrating to interpret and a drain on decision-making time. The whiteboard’s infrared (IR) touch technology enables high-accuracy writing and fine annotations at ± 1mm, ensuring comprehensive, logical notes at the end of your meetings.

Digital tools should never hold back a team from realising their objectives. Maxhub’s whiteboard’s ultra-low latency offers a paper-like writing experience that not only feels natural, but makes collaboration more enjoyable and efficient. The pen strokes will become bolder as speed and pressure are increased, offering pixel-perfect precision when it is needed most.

Maxhub’s Whiteboard also supports optical character recognition (OCR), intelligently generating forms, mind maps, and other document types during meetings by easily converting handwritten text to print. Businesses can save time and money with editable, searchable, high-accuracy, and data-secure documents that will heighten productivity.

Import & Annotate Your Way
Being busy and easily distracted by endless to-do lists, presenters will need to captivate their audience with stimulating content that will pique their senses. The Maxhub Whiteboard allows for just that.

Screen-share and import multiple documents or multimedia to the same page, including video, audio, and PPT files, PDFs, images, and more to motivate participation. Scan the QR code, upload the files directly from mobile phones, or just drag and drop them.

What’s more, to make sure every brilliant idea is captured and saved, users can annotate directly on any imported document and the notes made will follow the pages that have been written, on even as the slides have continued.

Manage all the content on the same page — for example, play a video or audio clip while scrolling through a slide show. Being able to display the content side by side helps viewers absorb the information, take notes easily, and ultimately makes for a more engaging presentation.

Seamless Multi-User Collaboration
Breaking down the barriers of distance and time zones, the Whiteboard enables multi-user online collaboration and real-time voice interaction. Connect up to four devices simultaneously to hear participants and see their ideas live as soon as they’re presented.

This co-creation feature improves team communication and productivity, allowing users to host brainstorming sessions, review projects, discuss challenges, and carry out strategic planning with ease. Maxhub’s Whiteboard is also designed to recognise dual colours when switching between hand and pen, or pen nibs, which makes it ideal for comparative presentations.

Recap Meetings Effortlessly
Cluttered handwritten meeting notes that are hard to decipher are a thing of the past. Meeting recaps are clear, accessible, and easily shared with all attendees, as well as those not in attendance. With the Maxhub Whiteboard’s wireless distribution capabilities, fresh, creative ideas are captured in real-time, making sharing simple across all channels.

Users can scan and save notes using their local area network (LAN), save them to the cloud using Microsoft’s OneDrive or Google Drive, or share them via email.

Features Spurring Engagement & Efficiency
A smart, intuitive whiteboard is one of the best virtual tools to keep the creativity and innovation of organisations flowing. Multidimensional meetings are key to active participation and engagement. Add variety to meetings with V6 Whiteboard features such as the ‘Quick Vote’ function that allows users to tabulate results with a simple click. Use the timer to set limited in-group brainstorming sessions to drive creative thinking, and use stickers to transform listeners into contributing participants, while also making meetings more fun and engaging.



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