17 July 2015


Concept Audio successfully held Malaysia’s first Shure product sharing session at its showroom for users and new clients on the 21st May 2015. The Shure Wireless Seminar was led by engineers from Concept Audio who have just passed the Shure Certified Application Engineer (SCAE) Program — Mr Chien Min Choy and Mr Mo Ket Seong.

The first round of the Shure Wireless Seminar saw 15 participants attend. “The seminar was very informative and helpful,” said Mr Wong, one of the participants from the seminar.

The session covered Radio Fundamentals and Frequency Allocations, Propagation, Antenna placement, Multi-path Interference & Diversity reception, Digital Modulation over Analog, Audio Processing and Feature enhancements. The attendees also got to preview the management and scanning tools — the Wireless Workbench 6 (WWB6) which can also be downloaded from the Shure website.

Participants were also able to interact hands-on with the new wireless models from the BLX, QLXD and ULXD range, and wired microphones SM58, Beta58, Beta87 as well as the legendary ‘Elvis’ microphone — Super 55. Many of the attendees gave very good feedback on the effectiveness of the seminar, who also intend to invite their friends to the next session. Some explained that this seminar provided them with a better understanding on wireless equipment which helped them solve issues that they are currently facing.

As the local distributor for Shure products, Concept Audio will organise the next Shure class on the 10th September and 19th November 2015.

Members of the public are welcome to register for the seminar by email to enquiry@conceptaudio.com.my.

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Concept Audio: www.conceptaudio.com.my


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