Magenta Research Launches Pathfinder, KVM Over IP Solution


23 October 2019

tvONE, home of Magenta Research, specialists in video extension and switching, announces the debut of Pathfinder, a new high performance KVM over IP solution. Fit for the extreme demands of live broadcast and systems control, Magenta Pathfinder provides a scalable, zero latency, KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse & transparent USB 2.0) extension and switching solution for 4K and HD sources capable of up to 2,000 high-quality endpoints using standard IT network switches.

Advanced features of Pathfinder include Cross-Click & WindowView. Cross-Click allows you to view and control up to 16 PC’s at a single workstation with zero lag and no additional hardware by simply gliding your mouse across multiple monitors to the PC screen you need to control. WindowView allows you to split your 4k monitor into a quad view to control and view your PCs using only a single keyboard and mouse. Combine Cross-Click and WindowView on a single workstation to create a powerful, efficient and clean workflow. Other advanced features include support for multi-head desktops and the ability to create user groups and individually defined rights to manage access to your key data, along with best in class security options like no ‘backdoor’ access and USB lock out.

A standout visual feature of Pathfinder is that the hardware encoders and decoders are encased in literal Magenta in support of breast cancer. From December 1, 2019 until December 1, 2020, tvONE Inc. will make an $8 donation to Susan G. Komen for each unit sold.

Pathfinder offers plug-and-play setup on standard Cat6 or fibre optic network systems with no configuration of endpoints required, nor any costly user licensing fees. It can extend and mix 4K and HD sources creating a flexible, wide-reaching KVM matrixing solution, making Pathfinder ideal for mission-critical control and collaboration including medical, broadcast and control room operations.

tvONE: www.tvone.com
Australian Distributor: www.corsairsolution.com.au


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