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29 October 2015

mackie reach

Mackie has announced its new Mackie Reach Professional PA System — designed to be an all-in-one PA solution that delivers ultra-wide coverage and built-in personal monitoring. The system also features Bluetooth music streaming, a six-channel digital mixer, and a control app for iOS and Android.

The ARC (Amplified Radial Curve) high frequency array technology in Reach utilises three horizontally angled high-frequency drivers paired with dual vertically spaced high-output low-frequency drivers, providing 150° of coverage for optimal sound quality, even for audiences spread over a wide or deep area. Mackie Connect is an app for iOS and Android devices that gives you wireless control over levels, EQ, 16 vocal/instrument effects, even feedback suppression tools.

The EarShot personal monitoring system is a unique feature. A built-in full-range driver sits on either side of the PA to provide performers with clear stage monitoring, without the requirement of additional speakers. It’s flexible too, with volume control and selectable configuration.

The Mackie Reach Professional PA System will be available worldwide beginning December, 2015. Reach will have a US MSRP of $1249.

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