Lumens MS-10 4K Video Soundbar

All-in-one video conferencing solution with auto-framing 4K camera for simple installations in a variety of meeting rooms


11 November 2021

Lumens Digital Optics Inc. introduces a new product, the MS-10 4K Video Soundbar. Installed in conference and huddle rooms, the MS-10 is an all-in-one Unified Communication device that simplifies remote meetings and presentations while delivering excellent UltraHD video and audio.

The MS-10 features a UHD sensor, providing clear pictures whether in one-to-one meetings or group conferences. The auto-framing function and wide 120° field of view angle automatically ensure that all participants are included in the meeting. In addition, the MS-10 incorporates five beamforming microphones to capture each speaker’s voice while canceling environmental noise. The unit’s speaker is optimised for voice communications and can fill an entire huddle room without sound distortion.

“With MS-10, we wanted to achieve two goals: firstly, we aimed to simplify the installation and operation of video conferencing systems. With the unit incorporating an auto-framing camera, microphones, and a speaker, it is a product that is very easy to live with. Secondly, as video conferencing is now relied on for telemedicine, board meetings, and university-level education, the quality of output is vital. MS-10’s 4K imaging sensor and arrays of beamforming microphones help it achieve a level of performance which customers are now demanding.” Commented Steven Liang, VP of Product Development for Lumens.

Installation is straightforward with USB connectivity for video, sound, and control and support for all major VC/UC platforms, including Teams, WebEx, and Zoom as standard. MS-10 ships with a remote controller and TV mount to make the setup and operation of the unit as simple as possible.

The MS-10 4K Video Soundbar is available now.

Lumens: mylumens.com
Australian Distributor: corsairsolutions.com.au


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