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15 May 2014

Wohler AMP2 for web

Wohler has revealed its new flagship product, the AMP2-E16V audio/video processing monitor. Wohler claim the monitor’s feature list is “the longest in the industry”, yet the product is still operated with one-touch simplicity. In addition to its audio system, it features simultaneous multi-format monitoring, quick program selection, instant stereo mix down, loudness monitoring, internal channel mixing including SDI re-embedding, audio delays, plus a wide variety of meter scales and functions to view meters, video and Dolby or SMPTE 2020 metadata. The AMP2-E16V offers Dolby Zoom, Dolby E line position, and CRC error monitoring, as well as automatic system configuration based upon signal inputs, 32 complete system configuration presets, a complete internal help system, and Ethernet software updates. Audio processor card options can be configured for multiple SDI, AES I/O, analogue I/O, and connection to external surround systems. More information, including that famously long list, is at www.wohler.com

Australian Distributor: AV Group (02) 9764 5911 or sales@avgroup.com.au


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