15 February 2016

Lightware 8×8 HDMI2.0 Matrix

It’s a big year for Lightware, with the company announcing its list of new products for 2016 — all of which were displayed at ISE.

The MX-AUDIO-OB-A is an eight‑channel analog audio output board to switch audio de‑embedded from a video signal to an output port. It has adjustable audio setting options and volume, balance, bass and treble setting to enhance the stereo PCM audio signal ranging up to 96kHz.

The MPX-4TPS2-4HDMI-IB is a mixed input board with four HDMI and four HDBaseT single CAT inputs providing HDMI 1.4 audio, Ethernet and RS-232 extension on a single CAT5/6/7 cable up to 120m in HDBaseT.

The DA2HDMI-Plus is a multifunctional distribution amplifier with built-in audio jack for monitoring, EDID Management, and audio embedding/de-embedding. It supports DVI and HDMI 1.4 signals with or without HDCP encryption.

The 25G-8TPS2-OB & IB is a 4K TPS output and input board with PoE option for 25G hybrid routers and eight HDBaseT output ports.

The 8×8 HDMI2.0 Matrix supports 4K resolution at 60Hz with 18Gbit/s speed per port and HDCP2.2 support.

The compact yet comprehensive MMX6x2 Series packs HDMI 1.4 and two TPS inputs, 4K capability, mirrored HDMI/TPS outputs, audio insertion and de-embedding, volume control for de-embedded audio and HDBaseT compatibility.

More Info:
Lightware: www.lightware.com.au


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