23 May 2014

SoftyLite for web

The Softy Lite is a small and compact LED light that comes with standard professional light fittings so can be used on all film industry lighting gear, stands, clamps, turtles etc. It is daylight balanced and easily filtered to tungsten with regular gels. Manufactured in the UK from aluminium, each Softy Lite has 8 panels of 48 LEDs, daylight balanced and wired for 12 volts in banks of three. The LED panels can be switched in any combination with just four switches. In photographic stops, each switch halves or doubles light output giving total flexibility. Measuring 23cm x 23.5cm x 8cm Softy Lite weighs only 1 kilogram. Power requirement is 12 DC power from mains or battery supply with standard universal 2.1 mm power socket. Power consumption is 3.5 amps, 60 watts. The light is available as a single light set or a 3 or 4 light kit, each complete with stirrup, stand, diffuser, snoot and egg crate for each light. Mains power supply sold separately, along with other accessories.



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