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LG’s New OLED Displays

The power of transparent displays shown at InfoComm 2023.


14 June 2023

LG Business Solutions USA will highlight its latest transparent digital displays at InfoComm 2023, including a large-pixel-pitch LED film product, a 55-inch transparent OLED display and 55-inch and 30-inch transparent OLED touch displays that each turn static signage areas into open and interactive spaces, offering countless creative opportunities for businesses, interior designers and content creators. The products will be on display at LG’s booth #1642.

Booth visitors can also gain extra insight by attending LG’s panel discussion with creative outfit Luminary Design Co. on June 14 at 11am. The panel will focus on initial successes with transparent displays and novel opportunities for Open Air Augmented Reality projects through Luminary’s new Augment Glass software.

“Transparent digital displays offer a whole new type of canvas for creators, artists and brands, enabling a seamless melding of digital content with real-world objects or spaces,” said David Bacher, head of marketing for LG Business Solutions USA. “Early adopters have already seen great success integrating one of-a-kind installations in retail settings, and innovators like Luminary Design are leveraging our displays to envision entirely new concepts and possibilities, including interactive augmented reality.”

LG’s 55-inch Transparent OLED Digital Signage Display (model 55EW5G-V) offers new ways to present information and attract attention, making it a valuable commodity for integrators working with clients in retail, hospitality, corporate offices and more. Featuring an expandable design with two layers, the display offers 38 percent transparency while delivering accurate, vivid colour with high contrast. To support long lasting efficacy and provide peace of mind to owners, the display features 3mm chemically-strengthened protection glass that is anti-reflective and shatter-proof.

Touch-enabled 55-inch (model 55EW5TK-A) and 30-inch (model 30EW3L-A) Transparent OLED Digital Signage Displays that offer 33 percent and 43 percent transparency respectively, will also be demonstrated, showing how integrators, content designers and artists can create interactive experiences to benefit museums, retailers, hospitality desks and corporate lobbies. The display’s projected capacitive (P-Cap) film technology offers fast, accurate response to user interaction for up to 10 touch points at a time.

The LG Transparent LED film (model LTAK140-GW) is an entirely different type of display, designed to cover building facades or windows, or adorn railings or open-air stairways in shopping centres. The special features of the 14mm pixel pitch LED film include up to 4,000 nits of brightness for use in bright indoor environments, a high 53 percent transparency, and the ability to curve up to 2,000R, which enables use on curved glass surfaces and windows.

The LED Transparent Film is self-adhesive, so it can easily be attached to existing windows and can even be trimmed in parallel with the bezel to fit precise dimensions. This technology can be used to turn entire skyscrapers into artistic video displays, or add digital capabilities to large window bays in transit centres, shopping malls and office buildings.

Visitors to LG’s booth will also experience creative examples of how transparent OLED can be leveraged in retail settings specifically, with two new custom displays designed by Luminary Design Co.

Luminary integrated LG Transparent OLED displays at the Citizen Watch store in New York’s Herald Square, where customers were treated to an engaging, immersive experience that overlays digital content onto real physical product displays.

“Retailers want to bring shoppers back into their stores, and the demand for engaging in person experiences continues to grow. By leveraging LG’s transparent OLED technology at Citizen Watch, we gave customers something they’ve never seen before,” said Brian Beyt, president of Luminary Design Co. “By combining that genuine moment of surprise and delight with informative and valuable content, we elevated the in-person customer experience — and the results speak for themselves.”

The panel discussion will cover this groundbreaking project, along with how Luminary’s Augment Glass software and LG Transparent OLEDs can deliver true Open Air Augmented Reality experiences without any need for personal devices or headsets.

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