20 October 2014

Clay Paky was one of PLASA London’s leading players this year, winning the pro lighting and sound association show’s Innovation Award for its new Mythos luminaire. The Italian company launched three new key products including Mythos, and late founder Pasquale Quadri, who passed away in September, was recognised with a lifetime achievement award.



PLASA Innovation Award winner, Mythos
PLASA Innovation Award winner, Mythos

Launched in September and premiering at Plasa London before heading off to LDI, Mythos is a 470W-lamp spotlight with a zoom range from 4° to 50° (1:12 ratio) and a beam that is defined from the first millimetres out of the lens and along its entire length. The fixture is also a beam light that can switch to an angle of just 0.5° to produce a dense, 170 mm-diameter beam, which remains parallel for the entirety of its super long throw.

Presenting the Innovation Award, the judges said: “The Mythos hybrid automated light works as a hard-edge spot, a beam light, or a wash light with a range of effects. It has excellent colours, incredible brightness, terrific optics, and a small housing. It’s also very energy efficient and it has a patented and innovative cooling system. In the Clay Paky tradition, it’s a real winner. Paky would be proud.”



SuperSharpy: more a searchlight than just a beam


Following the Sharpy’s worldwide success, the Super Sharpy is an ACL beam type moving head featuring a 470W, 7800 K lamp. Its light beam is three times brighter than the Sharpy, making it the first low-wattage beam light to challenge a searchlight. Effects include seven rotating gobos, 18 fixed gobos, rotating prism, CMY, colour wheels, CTO, CTB and more.




Stormy, with optional barn doors
Stormy, with optional barn doors

Stormy uses the latest LED technology but retains the charm of a classic strobe. The light source is a strip of powerful white LEDs, which emulate a bright Xenon linear lamp. The flash effect is enhanced since the Stormy is equipped with a parabolic reflector, like a classic strobe, and does not project the light directly forwards like other LED strobes do. The frequency, duration and intensity of the pulse are digitally controlled and the parameters are also independently adjustable. Thanks to sophisticated electronics the light turns on and off instantly, creating the jerky movement illusion, and the pulse duration can be extended as required. The Stormy also comes with RGBW LEDs, which are able to flash in any colour so there’s no need for gels or scrollers.


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