lawo audio console in nep australia ob vans



21 October 2016

lawo audio console in nep australia ob vans

A 64-fader Lawo mc²56 console and a Lawo audio core with eight DSP cards have been installed into four new NEP Australia 4K OB vans. All four OB Vans share the same size and technical specifications and rely on Lawo’s VSM Broadcast Control and Monitoring system for their overall control.

NEP Australia has adopted the Sony solutions across its OB fleet, implementing Sony HDC-4300 cameras and Sony MVS/XVS-8000X Vision Mixers. Each unit can operate with up to 28 cameras and provides enough space to accommodate 34 staff.

lawo audio console in nep australia ob vans

With the VSM system, NEP benefits greatly from an overall control and monitoring approach – this takes care of routing in the Imagine IP3 hybrid video/audio router and Imagine SX Pro Multiviewer, as well as 10 EVS XT3 units. VSM also serves as the main Tally system and delivers the dynamic UMDs. A sophisticated KVM system is key to successful operation in such a large OB Van. Again VSM integrates with the IHSE KVM Draco Tera system. With the VSM in use, you’re able to pre-configure workflows and settings in advance of a production, and save and restore them for recurring productions, plus share them between all four OB vans.

Milan Milenkovic, NEP Australia Project Director, on the use of Lawo equipment: “Since introducing the first Lawo audio console into Australia back in 2006, we have been pioneers of new technologies. In this time, Lawo audio consoles have become the broadcast standard in Australia and currently the best solution in the market for such an application, there was no hesitation on NEP Australia’s part in opting for the Lawo approach.”

The large OB vans will be handling production for major live sports and concert events. HD11 and HD12 are already on air, with HD13 and HD14 coming into service early next year in time for the 2017 AFL and NRL seasons.

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