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29 May 2014

Shure QLX-D for web

Shure has revealed the new QLX-D Digital Wireless System, a cost-effective solution that features networked control and compatibility with Shure’s intelligent rechargeable battery technology. With all-metal construction, QLX-D is built to match demanding environments. AES-256 encryption comes standard and can be enabled for secure wireless transmission. The system’s intelligent lithium-ion rechargeable power options can provide up to ten hours of continuous use and report remaining runtime in hours and minutes. QLX-D transmitters can also run on standard AA batteries for up to nine hours. QLX-D works with networking tools, including Shure Wireless Workbench 6 control software, third-party control systems, and iOS devices for control and monitoring with the newly-introduced ShurePlus Channels mobile app.

Australian Distributor: Jands (02) 9582 0909 or info@jands.com.au.


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