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L-ISA Processor II Extends Immersive Power to More Productions

Updated hardware solution for spatial audio processing offers scalable output count and pricing to fit any project’s needs and budget


4 November 2021

As the L-Acoustics V-DOSC line source array altered the trajectory of modern pro audio loudspeaker design in the 1990s, the company’s unveiling of L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology in 2016 represented an equally seismic shift in the sonic landscape of today’s live events. Extending spatial processing to a wider range of productions and venues, L-Acoustics now rolls out the next generation of its 3D audio processing engine, L-ISA Processor II. The new processor offers users more power, performance and flexibility, and is available in four different output configurations through a one-time, tiered license fee.

Similar to its predecessor, L-ISA Processor II is a hardware solution that provides advanced object-based mixing for immersive audio productions. While both units offer control of spatial audio processing and virtual acoustics for up to 96 audio objects based on speaker positioning information and mixing parameters—including pan, width, distance, elevation, and aux send—the new L-ISA Processor II doubles the original unit’s potential output count of 64 up to 128 outputs for greater power and versatility on larger, more complex events.

Seeing that most productions are unlikely to utilise 100-plus outputs, L-Acoustics is offering L-ISA Processor II in a choice of four output counts—16, 32, 64 or 128—from the same device, with various capacities accessible via different lifetime licenses at tiered pricing levels. For example, a small club or theatre may need no more than 16 outputs, while a mid-sized house of worship or performing arts centre might require as many as 32. With L-ISA Processor II, those customers now have access to all of the very same immersive tools, 128 inputs and premium-quality 96 kHz sampling as large-scale musicals or massive tours running triple-digit outputs, but at a scalable cost.

“Rather than roll out multiple versions of our new L-ISA Processor II, we designed a single device to flexibly satisfy a variety of applications and budgets,” says L-Acoustics Product and Technology Outreach Manager, Scott Sugden. “Previously, our L-ISA Processor could represent up to half of a smaller immersive project’s budget. But with L-ISA Processor II, the investment can very closely match production needs, which will open up immersive processing to many more venues and shows. By providing scalable licensing, exciting immersive capabilities can become a real possibility for almost any project.”

Housed in a rugged 3U chassis equipped with Neutrik connectors, L-ISA Processor II is the road-worthy and reliable heart for any L-ISA project, remotely controlled by L-ISA Controller software. Boasting a powerful multi-core architecture, the new device is equipped with Milan-AVB dual-network redundancy eliminating the need for a secondary unit in mirror mode, further optimising budget. The product also features MADI connections, allowing signals to come in on MADI and exit via Milan-AVB.

Deployed on hundreds of productions around the globe—from live concerts and theatrical tour to houses of worship, theme parks, and other installs—the original L-ISA Processor is the most usable and highly-adopted immersive audio tool on the professional market.

Pairing with L-ISA Studio software allows users to create immersive designs for the stage and studio on their laptops. Both iterations of L-ISA Processor are also compatible with DeskLink, which places direct control of L-ISA objects on the channel strips of DiGiCo, SSL and Yamaha mixing consoles. Partnerships with vision-based tracking systems like BlackTrax, Robert Juliat’s SpotMe, Modulo Pi, and Zactrack continue to be supported by the new product as well.

“With L-ISA Processor II, we’ve lowered the cost barrier that once prohibited small to mid-sized productions from even considering immersive designs,” adds Executive Director of Creative Technologies, Guillaume Le Nost. “Now that L-ISA has been opened up to a much wider potential user base, we’re looking forward to seeing how some of our new customers will be choosing to ‘wow’ their audiences with intimately engaging audio. And on the other end of the spectrum, we’re even more excited to see how some of the largest production houses will really push the envelope of their designs with the newly-doubled output count of L-ISA Processor II.”

Currently in pilot phase, L-ISA Processor II will begin shipping to customers in the first quarter of 2022.

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