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9 July 2019

Neets, a Danish manufacturer of AV control systems, has a wide range of products to make life easier for presenters. The products are compact, as well as easy to install, program and use with new models equipped with built-in web servers, providing a custom interface on an iPhone or Android smartphone.

The product portfolio starts with the QueBec family: control systems that have no user-operated buttons. QueBec II and QueBec III sense a connected computer and issue commands, for example, to turn on a projector, select the correct input and lower the screen. The sequence is automatically reversed when the connected computer is removed. 

Simple wall-mounted control systems with buttons include OsCar (four buttons; controls via Ethernet, RS-232, GPIO and IR), EcHo (8 buttons, controls via Ethernet, RS-232, GPIO and IR [model dependent]) and SieRRa (similar to EcHo, but adds a Web-enabled GUI for smart-phone control). The unique UniForm (8 buttons, controls via Ethernet, RS-232, GPIO and IR) wall-mounted control system was introduced at ISE in 2019, incorporating e-Ink button labels that are fully programmable and easily changed. 

The all-in-one wall-mounted systems are complemented by rack-mount systems: AlFa II, LiMa and TanGo, which can be paired with 4-inch, 7-inch or 10-inch wall- or table-mounted touch panels. 

All of the Neets control products are programmed using the free-of-charge Neets Project Designer software – a drag-and-drop environment for configuring Neets control systems and the devices they control. Comprehensive on-line documentation is backed by an engaging knowledge base and a team of enthusiastic support staff. 

Not satisfied with just making it easier to control presentation AV in board rooms, meeting rooms, collaboration rooms and huddle rooms, Neets has recently introduced several products designed to improve and simplify audio and video within meeting rooms.

The Neets Soundbar SB1 is specially-designed for meeting rooms and, unlike traditional residential systems that require additional subwoofer to produce quality audio, the SB1 features output power of 4 x 20W directed to a pair of 4-inch woofers, partnered with 1-inch soft dome tweeters. Featuring RS-232 control, the SB1 offers balanced, unbalanced and optical audio inputs. SB1 features a black grille cloth, however, this can be upgraded to an exclusive Kvadrat 100 percent wool grille in grey, red, blue or green. 

Collabo by Neets is a product that combines SB1’s audio attributes with video hardware, allowing a single USB cable to connect a camera, microphone, display and speaker to a user’s computer for a unified communications application. Users running any collaboration clients such as Teams, Skype, Zoom, WebEx or BlueJeans on a laptop or computer can quickly, easily and reliably use their software-of-choice in a meeting room environment. No drivers are required (Windows 10) – just plug and play.

The Neets MiniConnect is an affordable and easy-to-install tabletop cable management solution, enhancing the users experience in spaces such as meeting rooms, board rooms, or lecture halls. A contemporary Scandinavian design, it seamlessly integrates into any table type, perfect for both modern and traditional interiors.

The MiniConnect can be installed in new tables or retrofitted into existing setups. It sits flush with the table top, minimising cable clutter and hiding cables under the table using a cable bag. Users can customise connectivity to fit the exact needs of the room, with installation of up to three cables. 

The Neets control portfolio is complemented by a range of audio equipment (amplifier and pre-amplifier), table-top organisers (Neets MiniConnect) and other accessories. 

Neets: www.neets.dk
Australian Distributor: www.ambertech.com.au


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