8 February 2018

Harman Pro introduced the new JBL Professional VLA Compact Series line array solution on Stand 1-F10 at the ISE Show.

The VLA Compact Series offers the same performance as the VLA Series long-throw line arrays in a more compact, outdoor-ready solution for use in a number of scenarios, from small- to mid-sized stadiums and arenas to larger venues.

VLA Compact is designed specifically for permanent installation applications requiring even coverage, high intelligibility and high audio levels, offering large format horn-loaded modules to provide broad bandwidth horizontal directivity and an increase in sensitivity.

The full-range models of the VLA Compact Series include dual 10-inch low frequency drivers featuring Harman’s Differential Drive technology, with 65° and 100° horizontal coverage options available. A subwoofer with dual 15-inch Differential Drive woofers is also available. Because the VLA Compact is intended for outdoor use, the speakers also include weather protection out of the box, with an IP55-rated fibreglass enclosure and steel end panels.

JBL: www.jblpro.com
Australian Distributor: www.avt.tech
Australian Distributor: www.cmi.com.au


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