15 December 2015


This year’s ISE conference has seen a number of new products from UK-based AV equipment manufacturer Vision.

The company has expanded its tech-connection offerings by introducing a full range of installation-grade cables and adapters in recent months — 66 new parts all up, covering USB, Serial, audio, Ethernet, DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA cables with varied lengths from 0.5m to 20m. Over 20,000 units have been sold already.

vision cables_rs

The new SMART Kapp 42 stand is a refreshingly simple, height adjustable stand for displays. On show all over ISE, the stand mimics the curves of the Kapp to complement the design. The 80° lean makes it stable when drawn on and clearly visible to the audience. Locking castors are included.

TM-KP stand_rs

Surface Hub has an internal PC but it also has hard-to-get-to input connectivity for an external PC. Vision’s new Techconnect Package for Microsoft Surface Hub offers a simple connectivity faceplate with the Surface Hub. It contains a set of modules and 10m cables which provide access to HDMI, VGA, Minijack and USB input ports on the Hub.

tc2 hubpack vision_rs

More Info:
Vision Cables: http://visionaudiovisual.com/techconnect/cables
Vision SMART Kapp 42 Stand: http://www.visionaudiovisual.com/techmount/tm-kp
Vision TC2 Surface Hub Faceplate Package: http://visionaudiovisual.com/techconnect/tc2-hubpack/
Australian Distributor: www.hillssvl.com.au


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