Introducing New Capabilities in Solstice Cloud

Software Update Brings Additional User Trend Data and Connected USB Devices; Increased Administrator Insight and Control


1 June 2021

Solstice Cloud includes two new pages – user trends and USB devices – providing administrators better insights into how their meeting and learning spaces are being used and more control over their Solstice deployments.

New user trends page allows users to quickly view new insights on how your Solstice end users are engaging with meeting and learning spaces to better understand ROI and optimise spaces for team productivity.

New charts and metrics include:   

  • Number of unique users & their time spent presenting in meetings
  • Percentage of meeting collaborators vs. sole presenters
  • Your most collaborative spaces & their collaboration stats
  • Number of different rooms users visited & their level of engagement
  • Learn More About Solstice Cloud Analytics

New USB Devices Page

Easily view which Pods in your deployment are connected to USB devices, including audio/video peripherals and others such as touchscreens. And don’t forget to enable Solstice Conference and occupancy counting to get the most from your USB connected cameras.

Quick view of the following:

  • Number of connected USB devices & model names
  • A/V vs non-A/V devices connected to Pods in your deployment
  • Online vs. offline device status
  • USB plug event history
  • Pod list view to easily check if conference & occupancy enabled
  • Coming soon: USB disconnect email alerts

Mersive: mersive.com
Australian Distributor: midwich.com.au


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