tvone coriomaster
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1 February 2017

tvone coriomaster

tvONE introduces new input modules for CORIOmaster. The Streaming Media module handles provides CORIOmaster systems with the ability to bring two network streams up to 1080p60 @ 25mbs into just one slot, along with 4K playback and 16GB internal storage.

With the addition of the Streaming media and 4K playback module, you can now mix streaming video with 4K files and still images into a single playlist all from your CORIOmaster. Simple drag-and-drop along with expected transport controls make CORIOgrapher even more powerful.

The 4K HDBaseT input module allows for the input of uncompressed, high resolution 4K video and audio from standalone transmitters located up to 150m away. It works with CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini, and CORIOmaster micro and can be used with transmitters that support HDBaseT, HDBaseT-Lite and HDBaseT-Extended mode.

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