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8 February 2018

InFocus Corporation has launched an addition to the JTouch product family, with the JTouch Plus INF8630AG.  At 86 inches, it’s the largest open Android-based interactive touch display solution built for collaboration, featuring a 4K anti-glare display that users can customise and annotate over any documents, whiteboard, browse the web, and run Android apps, plus wirelessly cast with ease using LightCast.

The 86-inch JTouch Plus is optimal for education applications, using an open Android platform that allows users to easily install and use any applications from the Google Play Store. Students can interact with educational content, games and information on the large screen as they would on a tablet. Featuring Total Touch Control, the JTouch Plus is intuitive to use without a remote. Presenters and peers can simply touch icons on the display to change inputs, or access the home screen, all applications, and control functions; and when whiteboarding, users can draw with one finger, move on-screen content with two, or use three fingers to quickly erase.

Like its predecessors in the JTouch line, the 86-inch JTouch Plus features the premium LightCast suite of presentation, teamwork, and content-sharing capabilities. Teachers and students can use a variety of pens and shapes to annotate on top of e-books, lessons and notes, web pages, or student’s work, and even spotlight areas of the screen to hide answers or focus attention. Teachers and presenters can also connect any device (HDMI, VGA or PC), freeze the screen and annotate over any content, and then save screen captures to the internal storage or an external USB drive.

It also features multi-device touch control, which allows presenters to plug in up to eight devices including smartphones, laptops, or tablets, without needing to change cables. In addition to LightCast, there is also wireless casting via built-in AirPlay that allows presenters and teachers to share work or lessons to the display from their mobile device or computer.

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Issue 28