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30 May 2016

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L-Acoustics has launched the Kiva II ultra-compact modular line source, adding 6dB of max SPL versus its predecessor, maximised amplifier density with 16ohm impedance and a new enclosure material.

Despite its ultra-compact format, the Kiva II features the L-Acoustics Wavefront Sculpture Technology (WST), giving it a long throw capability. Its coplanar transducer arrangement and new K-shaped coplanar transducer configuration generates a symmetric horizontal coverage of 100° without secondary lobes over the entire frequency range.

It’s a good looking box that weighs just 14kg making it a natural fit for installations which demand minimum visual obtrusion.

The Kiva II will be on display during Infocomm16 at the Las Vegas Convention Center at L-Acoustics booth number C12116 from June 8 to 10, 2016.

“This new Kiva II keeps the elegance of its predecessor but that’s where the comparison ends,” explains Cédric Montrezor, director of application, Installation at L-Acoustics. “With 137dB of peak SPL, Kiva II is now the SPL-to-size ratio benchmark in its format category.

“Beside the whopping SPL, we also bring reinforced weather resistance, a rigging visual safety check, and new rigging accessories to expand the range of applications.” Kiva II will ship in late 2016.

More Info:
L-Acoustics: www.l-acoustics.com
Australian Distributor: www.hills.com.au


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