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HuddleCamHD SimplTrack Lite

Zero-setup, easy-to-install auto-tracking HD PTZ camera lets users easily record and stream engaging content


14 February 2022

MadisonAV, distributor of professional audio visual solutions in Australia has announced the release of a new Auto-Tracking camera by HuddleCamHD.

“With the streaming and video conferencing markets continuing to see high demand, we wanted to design an auto-tracking camera that just worked,” said Matt Davis, director of technology and information systems at HuddleCamHD and sister company PTZOptics. “The SimplTrack Lite truly is a plug-and-play solution. It relies on facial framing and auto-tracking as soon as it’s turned on, so whether you’re recording a lecture or streaming a worship service, the video looks great from moment one.”

Daniel Isaac, Product Line Manager at MadisonAV stated “HuddleCamHD has a solid reputation in Australia for releasing products that are dependable, high quality and easy to use. The SimplTrack Lite is further proof of this focus, and we look forward to supporting our local partners with supply of this flexible and easily integrated Auto-Tracking camera.“

Auto-Tracking with Ease

The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack Lite automatically creates smooth tracking shots without the need for technology expertise or a camera operator. Plug it in, and start recording or streaming with motion tracking: no software setup required. Thanks to its 20X optical zoom, the 1080p camera can be positioned up to 55 feet (16m) away from the subject. With a 59.5-degree field of view and 270 degrees of rotation, those being recorded are free to move about the tracking area.

The camera can also be configured with specific preset tracking zones via a simple, one-time setup process. Preset zones can keep the camera centred on specific areas like whiteboards or conference tables.

Built-In Compatibility

The SimplTrack Lite is fully compatible with most video conferencing, lecture capture, and learning management systems and can be easily integrated with practically any existing hardware due to its range of included output options: NDI|HX, USB, IP, SDI and HDMI. The camera features 3.5mm audio jack for an external mic, and it can also capture audio using a computer’s built-in microphone when connected via USB.

Flexible Options

Featuring PoE, along with multiple mounting configurations, the SimplTrack Lite can adapt to any indoor setting. Users that are looking for more control can enable Manual Mode via IP or included RS-232 cable to operate the camera with the included IR remote, a PTZ camera joystick controller, or camera control apps. The SimplTrack Lite comes with an IR remote, USB 2.0 cable, an RS-232 control cable, power supply, a three-year parts and labor warranty, and a quick start guide that will get users up and running with the camera in no time.

The HuddleCamHD SimplTrack Lite will retail in Australia for RRP $3,563 inc GST.

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