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7 October 2013

Talking of Artistic Licence, this is only an artist’s impression


Artistic Licence has announced nanoScope, a pocket-sized, battery-powered tester for DMX512 and RDM. NanoScope is built into a 5-pin XLR connector and indicates results using colour-coded light, using a plastic lens to give 360 degree viewing. The simple chromatic display provides rapid feedback that is both hands-free and visible at a distance or in awkward positions (such as hanging from a truss). NanoScope uses cold colours to indicate ‘good’ signals and hot colours to indicate ‘bad’ or unusual data allowing the product to be used intuitively. Two modes of operation exist, selected by a recessed slide switch that also controls power on/off. In ‘Pixel Mode’, nanoScope displays the first three DMX channels as an RGB mix, to provide confidence that the expected data is on the cable. In ‘Analyse Mode’, nanoScope displays one long blip (green or red to indicate good or bad data respectively), then a train of short coloured blips representing different attributes of the DMX512 signal that the user can recognise.

Website: www.ArtisticLicence.com


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