29 November 2018

Hitachi projectors rebranding to Maxell: The move began back in 2013 when Hitachi decided to transition its projector business to Maxell (a company Hitachi acquired way back in the ’60 but has been more dormant since its recordable media heyday). It would leave Hitachi to focus on its commercial and industrial products.

It meant the factories manufacturing Hitachi projectors were all shifted to the Maxell subsidiary along with the staff — same factories and staff; different name.

Now, more recently, Hitachi has decided to make the back office move public. New Hitachi projectors will be branded Maxell.
The switch over will be gradual. New models will have the new branding, and the old models will remain Hitachi. At this point Hitachi’s interactive flat panel displays will remaine branded Hitachi.

Hitachi Australia, will remain Hitachi Australia, as it distributes a full stack of Hitachi products and not just projectors. So, to be clear: Hitachi Australia will be the distributor of Maxell projectors — same staff, same distribution channels; different brand name.

“We’ve already begun introducing our customers to the Maxell name change,” commented Hitachi Australia’s Deputy General Manager, Matt Hanna. “Maxell is a name familiar to most people, even if they didn’t know the Hitachi connection. Apart from the brand name change it really is ‘business as usual’. The 40-odd projector models already in the market will remain branded Hitachi and we’re looking forward to launching three new projectors shortly under the Maxell name.”

Hitachi Australia (Maxell): (02) 9888 4100 or dps@hitachi.com.au


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