Heckler AV Credenza Mini

Solution newly introduced to Australia offers elegant storage and pre-install of video meeting gear for small meeting rooms


7 March 2022

Today every meeting space, even small meeting spaces, needs a high quality video meeting system. Heckler AV Credenza Mini allows mass-deployment of the latest video meeting gear to all small meeting spaces with style and ease. The Credenza Mini is designed first and foremost to look great, and is imported from the Heckler facility in Arizona.

Even the latest, fully-integrated video meeting systems generate a mess of cables, power supplies, power strips, and adapters. You could “hide” all of this behind the display, but AV Credenza Mini gives just the right amount of storage space.

The AV Credenza Mini is wrapped in Maharam fabric in a variety of colours to complement and enhance your carefully designed interiors. Black is the main colour and will be stocked in Australia, and the other colours will be made to order.

Cut the electricians and painters from your project’s budget. AV Credenza Mini is designed to align with pre-existing power and data outlets. This creates the “integrated look”, and Credenza Mini enables you to mount devices and cable-manage dozens of systems, off-site, perfect when preparing for large deployments. The body of AV Credenza Mini features a special hole pattern that allows for ample cool airflow while enabling easy Velcro-strapping of small components and cable management. In addition, VESA 100 holes enable traditional mounting of compute NUCs.

Every AV Credenza Mini ships with two special camera brackets for rigidly mounting Logitech Rally Bar, Rally Bar Mini, and the Audio Bar and Smart Camera for Google Meet Series One Room Kit. Other cameras and appliances can simply stand atop Credenza Mini’s top surface.

Heckler AV: hecklerdesign.com
Australian Distributor: btcwholesale.com.au


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