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14 April 2014

VarioClip for web


VarioClip is a new screen design promising to rid us forever of fighting with press studs. Based upon the existing Vario + VarioLock modular projection screen system by AV Stumpfl, the company developed a new frame system, which offers improved compatibilities, easier set-up and pull down and the ability to tension/ relax surfaces depending on environmentally induced stretch/ contraction effects on surfaces. While VarioClip utilizes the same corner and tube geometry and dimensions, the system has removed the conventional press-studs and replaces them with an easy to handle clip system. These clips are slip resistant and spring loaded, so that they will not dislodge from the frame system. VarioClip will be available with either the familiar VarioLock joint for smaller/ medium sized screens (up to 20 metre) and the Heavy Duty Slot-in Torix bar for larger screens, rear projection screens and screens which require a very flat border.

Australian Distributor: ITI-Image Group  02 9477 5709 or www.iti-imagegroup.com.au


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