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5 August 2013


The Hitachi HIT-FHD6500 is a display that allows running a lesson, meeting or presentation using an interactive LED backlit, LCD display. The 65 inch (1650mm) display uses integrated infra red sensors to detect contact with the screen and gives users the ability to control a computer by touching the image.

The display is available with an optional built in PC (the HIT-FHD6500PC) to eliminate the need for connecting to any external sources. Up to four points of simultaneous input are possible, it uses driver-less interactive operation (depending on the Operating System of the connected computer) and the optional integrated OPS PC includes installed Windows 8. The front-facing stereo speakers are rated at ten watts. The display comes with a 3 year on-site warranty, however if you choose the HIT-FHD6500PC the integrated computer has only 12 months warranty.

Hitachi Australia (02) 9888 4100 or www.hitachi.com.au


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