7 September 2017

Gearhouse Broadcast’s Event Communications Division has scored a world first by rolling out Shure’s Axient Digital premium RF microphone platform in Australia. It all began when Gearhouse was approached by Shure and Jands to sign an exclusive R&D partnership that gave Gearhouse direct access to Axient Digital’s product roadmap and provide input on future feature sets and product design. Jason Owen, Events Communication Manager, put it to work at the AFL. “Axient digital is perfect for sporting bodies, large venues and production companies so we immediately approached the AFL and suggested they use the system at all remaining games this year.” Jason is impressed with the system’s outstanding RF performance, even in complex, crowded environments. “Axient Digital also works efficiently and reliably at much lower RF levels than any other system I have ever seen. This means more reliable coverage for the product and its true diversity, quadversity and high-density mode means more channels can operate in one space then ever before.”

Gearhouse: www.gearhousebroadcast.com.au
Shure: www.shure.com
Australian Distributor: www.jands.com.au


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