Fohhn Hybrid-1 Media Active Loudspeaker System

Integrated loudspeaker system boasts not only a sound bar form factor, but integrated DSP and amplifier for external speakers for range of applications


8 September 2021

Nowadays, not all attendees of meetings or training sessions are physically present. It is critical in such hybrid circumstances as a co-working space or seminar room that persons linked through video are clearly understood.

The New Fohhn Hybrid-1 Media Active Loudspeaker System allows extraordinarily lifelike voice intelligibility throughout the whole room – for video conferencing and applications utilizing a speaker’s microphone – thanks to unique waveguides and Fohhn DSP. When playing media sound, the integrated bass-reflex system delivers a rich and room-filling sound. The active loudspeaker system is simple to integrate with other media components to create a standardized system.

Main features

  • Ideal solution for standardized media technology and UCC
  • Even sound dispersion (100° vertical and horizontal) and best speech intelligibility thanks to the coaxial Fohhn high-frequency diffraction waveguide
  • Room-filling sound with powerful bass reproduction down to 46 Hz
  • Sound reinforcement over distances of up to 10 meters
  • Flexible sound adjustment and maximum operational reliability with Fohhn DSP
  • Perfect integration into the room architecture and in media steles
  • Simple installation on walls, ceilings and displays (horizontal & vertical)
  • Resistant to vandalism thanks to the robust metal enclosure and mounting brackets
  • Integrated Fohhn amplifier (2 × 65 W RMS) can supply additional “Hybrid-1 passive”

Fohhn: fohhn.com
Australian Distributor: cmi.com.au


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