19 September 2013

Shure SCM820


Shure has added to its SCM automatic mixer range with the new SCM820 digital intelimix automatic mixer. Working from the same intelimix principles of the original SCM series, the Shure SCM820 provides DSP resources to provide complete control for all 8 microphone channels available. The mixer has 5 mix modes that include three factory presets (Classic, Smooth and Extreme) as a starting point which can provide settings for most applications. Along with these presets, a custom user-defined preset can be set as well as the manual mode which deactivates the intelimix function, turning the SCM820 into a standard mixer. Each microphone channel and mix bus provides additional functions such as parametric EQ, high and low cut filters and limiters all of which are available to access via a browser-based GUI or front panel encoders. There are also a few choices of connector types, depending on the application, as well as the option to include a Dante network card for operation with other Dante enabled devices.

Australian Distributor: Jands (02) 9582 0909 or info@jands.com.au.


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