5 August 2016


Five of Casio’s lamp-free projectors, including the XJ-F210WN, have been TCO Certified as of July 13, 2016. TCO Certified is an international third-party sustainability certification for IT products administered by TCO Development, a non-profit organisation based in Sweden. The five projectors meet the latest TCO Certified Projectors 2.0 criteria.

In order to be TCO Certified, products must undergo rigorous verification of multiple factors in all phases of the product life cycle, including socially responsible manufacturing during the manufacturing phase; safety, product lifetime, and energy efficiency during use; and elimination or reduction of hazardous substances and responsible end-of-life handling.

TCO Certified Projectors 2.0 criteria also require that products meet criteria for high-quality display image and be equipped with an Eco Mode that consumes less energy and reduces the acoustic noise level.

Since 2010, Casio has been using laser and LED light sources in all of its projector models, eliminating any use of lamps that contain mercury. The five newly-released 2016 Casio models are the first lamp-free projectors to be TCO Certified.

“We are proud to have declared that our projectors and light sources do not contain mercury. As a leading manufacturer of lamp-free projectors, we recognise our responsibility to reduce environmental impact by encouraging the shift away from mercury-lamp projectors and reducing CO2 emissions by decreasing power consumption. At Casio, we will continue to refine our original light source technologies to further advance our lamp-free projectors,” said Toshiyuki Iguchi, Executive Officer, Digital Signage Division, Casio Computer, Co., Ltd.

More Info:
Casio: www.casioprojector.shriro.com.au


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