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7 February 2018


Epiphan Video has showcased its new post-production service, AV Studio, at ISE 2018. The product was announced in November 2017.

AV Studio is a SaaS product that streamlines post-processing of recorded video through remote operation and monitoring of simple on-site capture hardware. AV Studio doubles revenue for AV Service companies by enabling ultra low-cost recording and post-production of live seminars and conference breakout rooms using cloud-based infrastructure.

“AV Studio dramatically reduces the cost of high-quality presentation recording with its very low-touch workflow,” says David Kirk, VP of Marketing, “Users can produce a huge volume of high-quality video assets for their clients with very little effort and short turnaround times”

With its low-cost design, AV Studio minimises the total number of on-site personnel required for production of large numbers of video materials, including full-resolution ISO files and engaging PiP layouts.

“Because they need to be done at very low cost, often we see seminars recorded using a single camera to capture both the speaker and presentation material. This results in an underexposed speaker and unclear, overexposed slides,” says Kirk, “AV Studio fixes this problem by capturing the speaker and the slides individually with settings optimised for each. This results in crisp presentation text, fantastic presenter image, and a more dynamic and professional recording overall.”


The Epiphan Pearl Mini lets you bring your video production studio with you. The unit can record, stream and switch up to two HD inputs simultaneously. Pearl Mini works with HDMI, SDI, and DVI sources without the need for signal converters or scalers.

Design your own custom layouts, including picture in picture and image overlays, using the drag-and-drop editor in Pearl Mini’s web-based Admin panel. Combine, crop, and scale up to 2 HD video sources. Add overlay images, text, and timestamping and more.

Use the mic-level XLR and 3.5mm inputs, or line-level TRS and RCA inputs. Built-in attenuation and gain adjustment mean you get perfect sound fidelity. Simultaneously livestream to YouTube, Facebook or any other content delivery network or content management system. At the same time, use the built-in streaming server to stream locally to web browsers, smart TVs, and set-top boxes.

Pearl Mini is coming Q2 of 2018.

Epiphan: www.epiphan.com
AV Studio: www.avstudio.com
Australian Distributor: www.aptech.com.au


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