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Dynacord’s Ultra-Compact U Series

The U Series are ultra-compact, single-channel mixer amplifiers and power amplifiers.


19 June 2024

Dynacord continues its mission to provide highly competitive, budget-friendly solutions for commercial installations aiming for professional sound quality. Following the launch of the multi-channel V Series amplifiers for commercial installations, the company introduces the U Series — an extremely budget-friendly lineup of ultra-compact, single-channel mixer amplifiers and power amplifiers. These are ideal choice for installers and consultants specifying background music and paging applications that do not require life safety compliance, complex networking or higher SPL levels, making them an ideal alternative to Dynacord’s other commercial amplifier lines that are typically the best choice for mid-sized to large projects.

Professional amplification paired with versatility

The U Series delivers professional, high-quality amplification for single zones in high-impedance installations in smaller commercial spaces such as cafes, shops and offices. With versatile power output options, the U Series ensures tailored performance for their specific needs.

The series consists of six models offering a variety of power options to ensure optimal performance across different settings: four mixer amplifiers with 30, 60, 120 and 240 watts, and two power amplifiers with 120 and 240 watts. The U Series can be deployed in standalone applications as well as being seamlessly integrated into existing installations, while the power amplifier models are a great option to be utilized as auxiliary amps in larger system designs – for instance, when newly created zones require amplification.

U Series mixer amplifiers provide comfortable front access for main gain, channel levels and tone adjustments. Two mic/line and two aux inputs are available to connect external devices such as microphones, a paging station or music players. The models can drive high-Z or low-Z speaker lines, feature phantom power for the microphone inputs and a switchable high-pass filter at 120 Hz. Also included are an emergency override input for integration with a PA/VA system, a chime when used with a paging station and VOX ducking. The configuration is performed easily with DIP switches that are located on the rear of the devices; a contact closure port for remote power on/off functionality is also available.

All controls for the two power amplifier models are securely located at the back, designed to prevent unintended or unauthorized changes, adhering to a “set and forget” usability principle.

When combined with the EVID commercial speakers from Dynacord’s sibling brand Electro-Voice, the U Series facilitates exceptionally cost-effective and high-quality audio installations ensuring enhanced ambiance and intelligibility to bring an elevated audio experience in every room.

Straightforward installation and ultra-compact design

The installation process itself is easy and does not require advanced technical skills. At just a single rack unit high and half a rack width wide, U Series require minimal space and provide various installation options, accommodating rack mount, table-top or under-table installation. The included brackets facilitate single or dual rack-mount options as well as unobtrusive installation wherever needed, such as under counters. If needed, two amplifiers can fit in a single rack unit when rack-mounted side by side, efficiently using space and doubling the channel count and output power.

Uncompromising reliability

Dynacord’s world-class reputation is based on its commitment to adhering to the highest product quality standards to deliver robustness and reliability. That’s why all Dynacord electronics undergo extensive testing at Dynacord’s Reliability Test Center (RTC) in Straubing, Germany, where all electronics must endure rigorous testing to ensure the ability to withstand extreme thermal conditions, physical stress tests, and long-term heavy use when driving speakers at maximum loads. As a result, U Series amplifiers are equipped with a sophisticated protection package to ensure flawless operation — even under challenging conditions. On board are an overload and short-circuit protection and a limiter to prevent accidental overdriving.

Dynacord’s U Series – six ultra-compact, cost-effective mixer amplifiers and amplifier models for smaller applications, featuring straightforward setup and flexible installation options for enhanced ambiance and communications in commercial spaces.

The Dynacord U Series will be available in fall 2024.

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