27 March 2014

Dynacord AXM 12A for web


Dynacord has released the AXM 12A active floor monitor. The AXM 12A is designed as a wedge for smaller stages, but can double as a PA component. The coaxial 12-inch/1.75-inch drivers promise an evenly spread 90° conical pattern powered by an onboard 520W Class-D amplifier (360W Lo + 160W Hi) for a maximum sound pressure level (SPL) of 128 dB. The other features of the AXM 12A include integrated digital signal processing with IIR/FIR settings, a digital three-band equalizer (with parametric mids), an adjustable Low Cut and a sweepable feedback filter. Three audio inputs are available: two MIC/Line inputs on XLR/jack combo sockets (with individual phantom power option) and a stereo RCA (phone/cinch). The backlit liquid crystal display and push-button encoder provide information on the levels of the three inputs. There are five factory presets for monitoring and PA applications, along with five more memories for user settings. For protection, the control panel is recessed. Used as a PA delay or extended fill cabinet, the AXM 12A has an integrated delay function for distances up to 100 metres in 0.1m increments. A practical detail – when stand mounted, the AXM 12A can be operated upright. The control panel, being on the side, is still accessible.

Australian Distributor: Bosch Communication  Systems (02) 9683 4572 or www.boschcommunications.com.au


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