Dante AV’s First Hardware Products

Bolin Technology and Patton Electronics deliver the first Dante AV-enabled video-over-IP cameras, encoders, and decoders


3 July 2021

Bolin D412 (4K60) & D220 (Full HD) PTZ Camera

Bolin D Series PTZ camera is the world’s first DanteAV hardware enabled pan, tilt, zoom camera interfacing video and audio in a standard 1 Gbps network, and providing quality video with low latency and synchronisation. Designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing Dante audio ecosystem, the D412/D220 PTZ is managed using the Dante Controller Software with flexibility to independently route audio and video with sub-microsecond accuracy to minimise time alignment issues.

Bolin D10H (HDMI) & D20S (12G-SDI) Decoders

The Bolin D Series decoder is part of the Bolin Dante AV camera System, a single-channel network AV decoder over a standard Gigabit network that outputs baseband video (HDMI 2.0 and/or 12G-SDI). Not only does it work with the Bolin Dante AV PTZ camera, but it is fully compatible with standard Dante AV video devices within the Dante ecosystem. The decoder supports video formats up to UHD/4K60 with HDCP and embedded audio. PTZ camera control is available from the decoder via RS422 and IR as well as supporting IP controllers.

Patton FPX6000 Series Encoder & Decoder

Patton’s FPX6000 series enables eight HD audio channels and one 4K60 4:4:4 HDCP2.3 encrypted video channel to be independently transported on an existing Gigabit Ethernet network backbone without suffering the performance issues and management difficulties associated with audio and video over IP. The combination of Dante AV and IP offers the power, flexibility and reliability needed for next generation commercial AV networks. Easily route and sync individual audio and video channels using industry leading Dante protocol, eliminating the use of legacy breakouts or costly matrix switches.

Why Dante AV for your AV system?

  • Highest image quality of any 1 Gbps solution with JPEG2000 – “visually lossless” 4K60 with no generational losses when re-encoding
  • Independent routing of audio and video using Dante Controller allows you to send audio wherever it needs to go with no need for de-muxing or re-embedding of signals.
  • Hassle-free integration with over 3000 existing Dante audio products means you can choose from over 500 manufacturers to complete your system.
  • Single clock keeps audio and video synchronised, eliminating problems of lip-sync common with other AV technologies.
  • Streamline installation with lightweight Ethernet cabling, lowering costs and delivering easy integration with networked products. A single, standard cable can deliver power, control, video and audio signals at once.
  • Dante AV works with standard 1 Gbps networks already in place, no need to replace infrastructure to add video to your system.

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