9 June 2015

hd-scaler-hd-e sml

Crestron introduces two new high-definition scalers. The HD-Scaler-HD-E (HDMI In, HDMI Out) and HD-Scaler-VGA-E (VGA In, HDMI Out) provide streamlined, application-specific HD scaling solutions. They deliver all the features and controls needed to display all AV sources correctly — easily and affordably. Many applications require only one input type – either VGA or HDMI. The HD-Scaler-HD-E and HD-Scaler-VGA-E are each designed for a specific application, so customers are only paying for the inputs they need. They can simply get the right product for the job, and the best possible image every time. You can mount either unit in a rack, or discreetly under a table or behind a display.

For more info:

support@crestronasia.com or product@crestronasia.com 


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