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18 August 2016

crestron digitalmedia dante

It’s no secret Dante is the preferred industry networking protocol for transporting HD audio over Ethernet. Crestron’s DigitalMedia now supports the Dante audio networking protocol with its new input and output blades for 64X64 and 128X128 DM matrix switchers. With these two new blades (DMB-4K-I-HD-DNT input blade and DMB-4K-O-HD-DNT output blade), fully digital integration and interoperability with DigitalMedia is possible.

A common use is with video conference systems. Send content from a source, like a laptop, and connect it to the HDMI port of the DMB-4K-I-HD-DNT; internal processing extracts the HD audio and outputs as Dante over Ethernet through the LAN port on the DM CPU blade. The audio is then sent to a local DSP in a conference room, which mixes the program audio with the microphones. The mixed audio is then sent out to a codec. The opposite, less common setup sees Dante audio going into the LAN port on the DM CPU blade, processed internally, and then sent out as HDMI to a local display.

Analogue audio inputs and outputs are enabled by connecting the optional Analog Audio Breakout Box (AUD-BOB-1602) to the Dante blades in the DM switcher. When the Analog Audio Breakout Box is connected to the DMB-4K-I-HD-DNT Dante input blade, the balanced analogue audio input is then embedded with the digital video signal. Similarly, when the breakout box is connected to the DMB-4K-O-HD-DNT Dante output blade, the balanced analogue audio output is extracted and fed into a sound system.

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