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6 February 2018


Crestron demonstrated DM XiO Director, the new AV matrix for the IT age, at ISE 2018. An enterprise-grade network appliance, natively running simple yet powerful software, the DM XiO Director centrally configures, manages, and controls DM NVX network AV systems. The DM XiO Director is available in three models, depending on the number of DM NVX endpoints. The software tool enables device discovery, domain configuration, endpoint mapping, multicasting management, and status monitoring. DM NVX Series is the industry’s only secure solution that delivers 4K60, 4:4:4, and HDR video over standard 1Gb Ethernet. Crestron is demonstrating the DM XiO Director in Hall-2, Stand 2-C20 at ISE 2018, 6 – 9 February, 2018.

The DM XiO Director virtually emulates the functionality of a traditional hardware-based DigitalMedia matrix switcher, routing 4K60 streaming AV signals throughout a room, building, or campus. Three models are offered which support 80 (DM-XIO-DIR-80), 160 (DM-XIO-DIR-160), or up to 1,000 (DM-XIO-DIR-ENT) endpoint devices.

The DM XiO Director automatically discovers each DM NVX endpoint on the network, and allows each one to be assigned to a ‘domain’ using a simple UI. A domain is simply a logical grouping of endpoints that operate together as a single switching entity, allowing individual rooms and other subsystems to be arranged and controlled independently.

The DM XiO Director provides an intuitive web-based user interface to facilitate system configuration, signal routing, and comprehensive diagnostics of the complete AV network.

The latest generation of DigitalMedia, DM NVX Series, delivers secure 4K60, 4:4:4, and HDR over standard 1Gb Ethernet with no latency. It leverages industry standard 802.1x authentication, Active Directory credential management, and the SSH network protocol to ensure network security at the product level.


In addition, Crestron demonstrated XiO Cloud, its cloud-based provisioning platform. XiO Cloud enables centralised enterprise-wide configuration, monitoring, management, and control of Crestron products including Crestron Mercury, 3-Series Control Systems, DigitalMedia products (including DMPSs), and TSW touch screens.

XiO Cloud enables IT managers to deploy and manage thousands of devices in the same amount of time as it would to manage just one. Using simple drag and drop functionality, devices can be named, configured, and organised by groups and subgroups. Settings and firmware updates can be silently pushed to one or all devices. Device licenses can be quickly activated, transferred, or removed. The dashboard provides interactive charts, a fully searchable activity log of all actions within the portal, and a group status page. And with live status and full monitoring of every connected device, the help desk can quickly address technical issues to maximise uptime.


Crestron also debuted FreeForm (CCS-F-2) at ISE 2018, the newest addition to its line of Enterprise Room Solutions. FreeForm enables secure wired and wireless presentation in lobbies, lounges, and other public spaces and integrates with popular calendaring platforms.

FreeForm mounts invisibly behind wall mount displays and enables wired or wireless presentation with auto-switching. No furniture, dongles, or new Wi-Fi networks needed. FreeForm features: built-in AirMedia 2.0 wireless presentation capability; DM and HDMI inputs; HDMI out to the display; keypad control from anywhere in the space; and auto-display on/off via CEC, serial, and IR. Its built-in graphics engine displays a custom branded welcome screen on the room display, and when connected to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or G Suite software, space availability and meeting details appear as well. Now, even open spaces are searchable and bookable.

FreeForm provides cloud-based management and deployment, and supports standard network security protocols, including 802.1X network access control, Active Directory authentication, and AES content encryption.

With the addition of occupancy sensors and integration with Crestron Fusion software, FreeForm spaces and technology can be centrally monitored and managed. Spaces are automatically turned ‘on’ and ‘off’ and returned to inventory in the event of ‘no-shows,’ thereby maximising availability. Occupancy and usage data is collected, which helps organisations optimise investments in space and technology. Instant alerts are sent to the help desk to rapidly resolve technical issues and maximise uptime and workflow.



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