19 November 2015


Cornered Audio is a specialised loudspeaker manufacturer from Denmark, now with Australian distribution through Production Audio Video Technology.

As its name suggests, Cornered Audio creates speakers with unique 90° triangular designs that fit snugly into a room corner for on-wall applications. The design opens up a number of possibilities for discrete speaker placement, both vertically and horizontally, without the need for stands or brackets. Mounting points are hidden behind the front cover so there’s nothing taking up space behind the speaker. But they’ve got form as well as function — Cornered Audio loudspeakers are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, and most are available in black, white or grey. Not to mention they’re built with the high spec components for outstanding audio quality.

Catering to both the consumer and professional markets, Cornered Audio offers a range of different loudspeakers to suit everything from home theatres to cafes and restaurants.

More Info:
Cornered Audio: www.cornered.dk
Australian Distributor: www.pavt.com.au


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