community tt-1020 tunnel loudspeaker



4 September 2017

community tt-1020 tunnel loudspeaker

Community Professional Loudspeakers introduced the TT-1020 Emergency Notification Tunnel Loudspeaker at the Integrate Show in Melbourne, Australia August 29-31. Designed to provide consistent intelligible emergency notification, the TT-1020 delivers precise pattern control and excellent performance in enclosed linear spaces and other highly reverberant environments.

The TT-1020 utilises optimised horn geometry and a special version of Community’s proprietary M200 high-power voice-band driver, engineered to provide accurate signal reproduction with very low distortion.  This results in high intelligibility at the elevated sound pressure levels necessary to overcome the high ambient noise and challenging acoustic conditions of road tunnels.  The driver’s inert materials, combined with the horn’s fire-resistant fibreglass construction and 316 stainless steel external hardware, make the entire device resistant to potentially caustic environments.  The TT-1020 has an IEC 60529 IP66 rating and IEC 60695-11-10:2013 V-0 classification. Customers can order the 100V system configured for 50W or 100W operation.

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