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Clipped Music Video Fest’s Vivid Projections


6 September 2019

Clipped.TV hosted its annual Clipped Music Video Festival as part of Vivid Festival, Sydney. This Festival showcases music videos produced by local talent with screenings, talks, exhibitions and a trade show for the industry, along with an awards evening.

To create an outstanding, visually memorable event, Clipped.TV required a selection of strong, high quality projectors with the ability to project music videos onto a large screen throughout the exhibition and awards. This included projection in areas with high ambient lighting, so projectors specified for those settings needed a high lumens count in order to avoid compromising image quality.


Endframe, the content and events production company responsible for production at Clipped, worked closely with Amber Technology to install Digital Projection’s range of E-Vision, M-Vision and HIGHlite projectors across the exhibition and awards venues. Four projectors were chosen and installed to present the featured music videos using the highest quality projection, onto the largest possible screens. 

Jack Crombie, event producer and technical director, Endframe said: “The duration of Clipped Music Festival was only one day and the event space didn’t include any AV equipment, so all installations were temporary with setup the day before. With this in mind, the projection equipment we used had to be versatile enough to setup within a short space of time, but not compromise on projection quality”

Each projector was selected because of its outstanding performance and colour accuracy. Amber Technology was able to provide a variety of solutions from Digital Projection, each specific to the individual requirements of different areas, from dark theatre style spaces to areas exposed to bright sunlight. 


The Clipped theatre housed the Digital Projection 4K-UHD HIGHlite projector to show the evening’s music video awards. With its remarkably bright 12,500 lumens, each music video was projected with clarity and precision. Developed with a fit and forget directive, and a diverse selection of fixed and zoom lenses as well as an extensive lens shift, Endframe was provided with complete flexibility with HIGHlite projector placement to fit within the theatre space. 

Digital Projection’s M-Vision Laser 21000 projected a selection of Australian music videos within the exhibition theatre, while the E-Vision Laser 11000 4K UHD was installed into the international music video exhibition space. Both areas needed a flexible solution that could provide high quality colour to a large screen. Both single-chip projectors delivered stunning detail for the ultimate viewing experience. 

The projector used in the cafe / bar and atrium area needed to be powerful enough to achieve outstanding colour performance in a natural light setting. The E-Vision Laser 13000 provided a compact, high colour performance solution delivering music video content without compromising image clarity.


“We were very humbled by the incredible support Amber Technology and Digital Projection provided across the setup and during the event. The projectors selected delivered exceptional imagery and were amazing, wowing everyone at the festival,” added Crombie.

“Digital Projection allowed us to exceed everyone’s expectations and raise the bar for future Clipped Music Video Festivals.”

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