clair brothers introduces custom waveguides for c12 and c8 at prolight + sound



20 March 2017

clair brothers introduces custom waveguides for c12 and c8 at prolight + sound

Clair Brothers introduces the new C12 and C8 cabinets with a very clever evolution in mid/high technology. The two cabinets are available with Clair True Fit Technology horizontal waveguides custom tailored for any specific venue.

How is this done? Clair Brothers works with architects and consultants to define speaker positions and coverage requirements within a facility, taking into account all spatial characteristics and any acoustical challenges. Clair engineers then employ proprietary 3D design methods and use progressive azimuth technology to geometrically optimise a waveguide designed exactly to that room’s requirements. It makes so much sense.

The custom waveguide is precision-machined using Baltic birch plywood — a key ingredient in all Clair Brothers products; the result is a totally unique C12 or C8 loudspeaker array that naturally provides smooth, even coverage. True Fit Technology achieves maximum coverage for audience areas and minimises architectural reflection and anomalies in both, modern or classic buildings.

The C12 and C8 also feature a new transducer technology that offers significant weight reduction and a reduction in amplifier channel requirements. These features enhance the ability for the line array to be digitally beam-steered in the vertical plane with F.I.R. processing. The C12, a double 12-inch format line array, and the C8, a double eight-inch line array, share the benefit that both can be ordered with a variety of horizontal waveguide patterns. Standard factory waveguides will be 90º and 120º, but a range of waveguides between 60º and 140º are also available.

“We’re continuing the trend of a growing portfolio loaded with strong high-performance products following last year’s debut of so many others,” confirms Josh Sadd, vice president and chief engineer for Clair Brothers.

You can get your first look at the C12 and C8 at its launch at Prolight + Sound 2017. Also to be introduced at the show is the One Series line, The 1.5AM+ active version of the 1.5AM monitor. Sadd says, “It features a similar amplifier module to the 1AM+ made for Clair by Powersoft. And like the 1AM+, the 1.5AM+ allows the user to power a passive 1.5AM with a slave output. Just connect it by cable to a non-powered 1.5AM and power the pair. Very unique!”

Finally, offering its advanced coaxial technology, similar to that found in the One Series stage monitors, Clair Brothers also introduces a point source package called the S2-System. The S2-CX is a 15-inch coax containing a 15-inch speaker and 1.5AM horn. The S2-Sub is a 21-inch format available powered or non-powered with a high power Powersoft amp module.

All products are available for purchase.

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