17 July 2017


Christie, together with its Chinese partner Wincomn Technology, offers a fascinating look at the past, present and future of urban planning using state-of-the-art projection technologies at the Changchun City Planning Museum.

This newly-opened facility in the capital of Jilin Province features the country’s largest exhibition zones, as well as the most advanced scientific and audio-visual technologies to be deployed in a museum in China. Comprising three floors, the turtle-shaped building is built by a renowned Chinese architect and showcases hundreds of plans, photographs, animated urban models and diagrams. They illustrate the history of Changchun’s city building and development, and visions for the immediate and far away future. Among the highlights is a multimedia exhibit comprising projections on a massive sand table, curved screen and ceiling, which has a total area of about 1100sqm.


Installed and commissioned by Wincomn Technology, more than 10 Christie WU14K-M 3DLP projectors are used to deliver an eye-catching projection depicting the intricate urban planning process in Changchun on the gigantic round-shaped sand table measuring 28m in diameter, while bright and detailed images on the circular ceiling are accomplished using Christie HD14K-M 3DLP projectors mounted within the ceiling’s structure. The 36m-wide, 11m-high curved screen in front of the sand table is lit using Christie Roadie HD+35K 3DLP projectors, providing visitors with a highly immersive experience.

“The large-scale multimedia exhibit is a hemispherical three-dimensional space – the main attraction being the gigantic sand table projection that showcases Changchun’s intelligent urban planning process in great detail, and this is complemented by projected visuals on the massive curved screen and ceiling,” said Tony Chen, General Manager, Wincomn Technology. “This is a highly complex and unique sand table setup which is unprecedented in China, and we are proud to be able to deliver stunning visuals using Christie’s high performance and dependable M Series and Roadie Series projectors.”

Jason Pei, Deputy General Manager, Christie China, commented, “Changchun City Planning Museum is among China’s most modern and high-tech museums that brilliantly illustrates the municipal government’s efforts in creating a sustainable, resilient, and smart city. We’re very pleased that the museum has selected our cutting edge projection solutions to be installed and commissioned by our valued partner Wincomn Technology to showcase the city’s impressive urban planning through bright and awe-inspiring projections on the large-scale exhibits.”



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