catchbox in australia



3 June 2016

catchbox in australia

Catchbox is a throwable wireless microphone that has arrived in Australia and New Zealand after its initial introduction in 2012. Designed to encourage audience engagement, the unique mic has a soft exterior and auto mute feature that allows it to be harmlessly tossed to an audience member without causing unwanted noises. As a bonus, the Catchbox devices can be fully branded for an event or company.

Catchbox expedited the authorisation and licensing formalities to join the ANZ market in response to high demand from event organisers in the region. Timo Kauppila, CEO and Co-Founder of Catchbox comments: “We are very excited about sending off our first ever shipment to new customers in Australia and New Zealand. A large number of people have been asking when Catchbox would be available in their region so we have been quick to respond to this demand.”

“It’s very exciting that word has spread so quickly across the world about Catchbox’s ability to make meetings and events fun and engaging. We have already made headway in the UK, Europe and the United States, having sold thousands of Catchboxes to date in these regions alone. Event organisers are constantly looking for ways to increase audience engagement and participation – Catchbox has the very simple but ingenious answer,” he adds.

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