14 December 2016


IsoAcoustics is a relatively young company, but that hasn’t kept it from making a mark on the industry in a short period of time. Starting manufacturing and distribution in 2012, the Canadian company’s award-winning monitor isolation stands have obtained rave reviews and a presence in over 60 countries. How do plain ol’ speaker stands make such an impression?

Well, it’s the principle behind them. As the name suggests, IsoAcoustics’ stands are designed to isolate or decouple speakers from whatever they’re sitting on. Acoustic decoupling has a significant effect on the sound of a speaker or studio monitor.

As we know, speakers generate acoustic energy (or sound) by moving a diaphragm or membrane to create varying levels of sound pressure. These pressure changes reach our ears and are decoded into continuous sound. However, in the process of creating movement of its diaphragms, whether that be woofers or tweeters, the entire speaker enclosure vibrates in sympathy. These vibrations are especially prevalent in low frequency material — put your hand on a subwoofer blasting EDM and you’ll notice it.

While speaker manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure the moving components stay isolated from the speaker’s enclosure, there’ll always be an unavoidable energy transfer through the entire unit. The issue is, these vibrations are on-passed to whatever your speaker is sitting on — say, a table — and the entire surface of that table also resonates and distorts the true sound of the speaker. Instead of clean, tight low end, the frequency response ends up muddy and unclear.

Hence the case for acoustic decoupling. By minimising the surface area in direct contact with a speaker, you’re hearing more sound straight from the speaker’s drivers, and as a result minimising unwanted sound colouration. The difference is instantly noticeable.

IsoAcoustics’ stands feature a patented design that offers both effective decoupling and flexible speaker placement. They’ve also been endorsed by some big names. Frank Filipetti said, “Indeed, as a cost performance issue, I can’t think of dollars better spent than on the IsoAcoustics.” Recording engineer/producer Ed Marshall said the stereo image of his speakers became “so accurate you can practically count the number of desks of violins.” With a number of product series catering for small home studio monitors right through to floor-standing hifi speakers, there’s something for everyone. Hear music the way it’s meant to be heard.

IsoAcoustics: www.isoacoustics.com
Australian Distributor: www.nationalaudio.com.au


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