BrightSign to Focus on BSN.Cloud at ISE

BrightSign announces that it will be showcasing the new BSN.cloud platform at ISE 2020 (8-E200).


24 January 2020


BSN.cloud is BrightSign’s new player and network management platform for cloud-connected BrightSign players. Open APIs are partner-centric and near automatic setup and provisioning make it outstandingly user friendly. All BrightSign players running BrightSign OS 8 include a free subscription to BSN.cloud Control Cloud. The Control Cloud offers very simple methods of player setup including scanning a QR code with a smart phone and real-time player monitoring from a remote location using the BSN.cloud remote diagnostic web server. Users can also choose to subscribe to the Content Cloud ($99/player/year) for the complete set of BSN.cloud content management and publishing features.

The BSN.cloud Control Cloud subscription included with all BrightSign players offers streamlined player setup and a remote diagnostic web server. Some partners will soon showcase integrations that start in the BSN.cloud UI where a customer is presented with a drop down list of software to choose from during player setup. Other partners will use the BSN.cloud API’s to deliver all of the player setup and network monitoring within their own UI. Regardless of the software chosen for a project, all BrightSign players can connect – at no charge – to BSN.cloud and take advantage of the Control Cloud services described above.

BrightSign has a strong commitment to partnering with leading CMS and digital signage solutions partners. Partners that have integrated with the Content Cloud within the BSN.cloud UI will be showcased in the BrightSign stand 8-E200. BrightSign is also committed to integrating with technology partners that enable unique digital signage experiences. Some of the partners showcased include Nexmosphere, Bluefin, Mimo Monitors, D3 LED and content by LED DREAM and Tripleplay.

BrightSign: www.brightsign.biz
Australian Distributor: www.midwich.com.au


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