19 July 2016


PCB Digital has collaborated with Digital Place Solutions to commission a brilliant external LED display at Australia’s fourth-largest shopping centre, the Pacific Fair Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast.

The location of the installation posed a challenge right from the outset. Because its external mounting faces north west, the display is exposed to direct sunlight for a number of hours each day. Also, its placement over a key door entry means it’s in close viewing to shoppers from many different viewing angles.

The landscape format LED display is designed in to the building façade directly above the entrance of the eastern wing of the centre.

“DPS worked with PCB to develop a high quality LED solution from their product range” commented DPS Co-Founder Stephen Rubie. “With a 7000 nits specification the high brightness capability delivers impressive brilliant performance both day and night. Likewise, the 6.6mm fine resolution pitch selected, delivers outstanding image quality, especially with shoppers being close as they pass under the location.”

“For this prestige project we worked closely with Yaham to manufacture a quality solution to our specifications, and fully acceptance tested before delivery to the Gold Coast” observed PCB Managing Director Phil Giles. “We are delighted with the outcome, a testament to the right technology for this all-weather location including image resolution that will be relevant for the displays lengthy life cycle.”

More Info:
Digital Place Solutions: www.digitalplacesolutions.com


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